Wednesday, September 9, 2009

39 weeks, 3 days

I have to say my OB appointment yesterday was disappointing. I have been having very painful contractions for days so I thought for sure something would be going on down there. I even got a pani/pedi beforehand just in case we needed to go right to the hospital! But no, no progress at all. "Barely a fingertip" dilated, but the cervix is soft (it should be, we have been having sex every day!) I know things can change in a day, but when she said she would let me go to 42 weeks I got a little bit depressed.

Luckily, MIL is in town and her favorite medicine is shopping! We met up with her in Soho (where my OB is) and helped her pick out some things, then we went to Bloomingdales and got a new outfit for DH. Ludacris (the rapper) was totally there buying jeans too. I don't think anyone else recognized him, but I am sure it was Luda. :)

Then we went over to Giggle and MIL bought us the Baby Bjorn travel crib which was SOO nice of her. She was going to get it for us for Christmas, but she thought we may need it sooner for Thanksgiving or any other trips we are taking. It is really cool and has the best reviews.

She really wanted to get me something for myself, but I was just feeling too fat and crappy. I can't believe I turned down a dress at Jill Stuart (my FAVORITE) but I can't try anything on and I just don't know what I am going to look like after all this is over. It may have something to do with the fact that I managed to gain 3 pounds this week. Maybe all those cupcakes weren't such a good idea. Ugh, anyway, gifts for DH and the baby make me happier than something for myself. The only gift I really want right now if for the housekeeper to come more often. How I would love weekly cleaning. Aren't I acting like a selfless mother already?! Haha

After all that shopping we went for an amazing dinner at Kelly and Ping. Yum, fried banana with green tea ice cream for dessert!

MIL has been reading up on MIL issues and grandparent issues (she is an academic and a writer) and actually read that a common problem is MILs coming to "help" after birth, but they end up just wanting to hold the baby, which is what the new mom really wants to do. Then the mom ends up doing the cooking and cleaning and not getting to hold her baby and is miserable. She swears she will not do this and she will come and actually help if we would like her to. SO nice, if a little intense.

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