Friday, September 4, 2009

Full moon? Contractions? Single Digits?!

Wow, I am due in 9 days. That is SO crazy. I went out last night to a show, DH was playing at the this awesome show at Bowery Ballroom, and I just couldn't stand the thought of missing seeing him up on that big stage in front of all those people, plus staying home alone again? Ugh! Boring! Who knows when I am going to be able to go out again? I wish I had an invisible cloak for times like this. I managed to find a white baby doll dress that actually fit over my bump. I was hoping it was minimizing, but I know I actually just looked like a giant marshmallow. I tried to lurk in corners but I was still a bit of a spectacle, plus the door guys and the bouncers were totally freaking out worried about me and trying make me sit down. They were worried someone was going to knock me over.. Embarrassing! Luckily, DH sang the 3rd song. I was actually starting to get some pretty bad cramping/contractions so I decided to leave after that (to the relief of the venue staff). We decided I would take the car home and DH would take a cab later since he was drinking.

Well, maybe my contractions were a little distracting because I somehow managed to crash into the back of a city bus. It wasn't really a "crash", I just sort of turned too soon and turned into the back of the bus as he was going straight... It's hard to explain, but these buses are really two buses linked together, so they are very long.. Anyway, I pulled over and the bus pulled over. I crushed my two front turn signal lights out and the front is a little dented. No damage to the beastly bus.

When DH got home I told him what happened (no need to freak him out while he was having fun at the show) and he was just SO relieved that I am OK, but has decided that my pregnant driving days are now officially over. Great, now I am stranded at home until this baby arrives!

After that my contractions got pretty painful and actually time able for the first time. They were around 1 minute long about every 10 minutes from about 2AM - 4AM. Ouch! I had a little bit of wine and eventually fell asleep. That was a bitter reality check of how much this is going to hurt when it actually happens.

SO, tonight is the full moon. Famous for breaking the water of pregnant women every month. I still think it is early for me, but I am going to wash and straighten my hair JUST IN CASE.

Also, it turns out MIL is going to be in town all week next week for work. What a coincidence! I knew she would somehow end up being here to see the baby first.. As long as she doesn't try to come into the delivery room or hang around the hospital while I am in labor I am more than happy for her to be here. :)

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