Tuesday, March 17, 2009

14 weeks!

I have been SOO awful and not written in forever. We were away last week for a wedding and I have taken some time off from the internet world of pregnancy. The 1st tri board at The Bump got SO negative and mean that I just couldn't take it anymore. It just made me too depressed to read the happily snarky comments, the insults, the stupid Bratz cartoons, ugh. I found myself wishing that some of these women would get listeriosis themselves for making fun of everyone who asks questions about cheese and deli meat and that is just awful, so I had to remove myself for awhile. It's not that I can't take it, why would I want to take it? If common pregnancy questions are so annoying too you because you read SO many a day, step back and stop reading them all day. Pregnoology tickers aren't allowed, but even bigger signatures full of tickers, badges, photos, and cartoons are fine. Ugh! Sorry! I am not getting sucked in to the negativity! I know that some women are bored and frustrated and like to let out their emotions on the internet, but I am not one f those people. I love my life and run an amazing company and am at the top of my profession and have to deal with teenagers and fashionistas crap all day. At the end of it, I do NOT want to hear grown women being petty and disgusting to each other. I am in 2nd tri now (YAY!) so maybe that board is better. I have also joined Baby Center which, so far has had no offensive content.

ANYWAY, our trip down south was good and my stomach popped out more while we were away! I packed 3 pairs of pants, but ended up only being able to wear the maternity jeans and sweater. And my dress for the rehearsal dinner looked ridiculous! I didn't try it on before we left because it is just a cute little empire waist floral thing that I didn't think would look much different. I was wrong! My boobs didn't fit in the boob part and my stomach made the whole thing quite a few inches shorter and I felt so awkward. It was the first time I could really see how my body is changing and it was a little weird. We went to the mall one day with the ILs but there were no cute maternity things at all. Motherhood maternity was totally gross, but I got some adorable boat shoes at the department store with little sea horses on them for the summer (yes, for me not the baby).

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