Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Maternity clothes! ... and Blacking Out

I have really been wearing out my one maternity outfit so DH and I went out to Target the other day. They had a great selection of the Liz Lange stuff and I got more shirts thank the Lord, and the CUTEST dress. I tried to find it online to see if they have it in more colors, but I can't find it! It may actually be a shirt or beach cover up instead of a dress, but whatever. It is sooo cute over jeans or with tights and heels, leggings and boots, or flip flops and bare legs this summer. I also got a few loose shirts, long sleeve T, organic waffle sweatshirt, black sweatshirt/jacket kind of thing (on clearance). I may order more online, I liked it all so much!

I had an OB appointment this morning and the doctor could hear the heartbeat on the doppler this time, so no heart attack. I also got the referral for the 20 week "BIG" u/s (AKA when we get to find out the sex). My mom called to see if we knew yet, I guess my cousin knows already but she and her DH are doctors so they can probably do an u/s whenever they want.

Ugh.. I just had to take a break from writing because I just blacked out! That was scary. I am just sitting on the sofa writing and my whole body went hot and dizzy and everything went black. DH is at work, but I guess I am OK. Gosh, I just ate for the millionth time today, but I did have to give blood earlier. Think I will go lie down now.

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