Sunday, March 29, 2009

16 Weeks today

I am 16 weeks - yay! and so happy to have my appetite back! I am not really feeling meat still, especially not chicken, but I am making the most delicious meals and being such a lovely wife these last few days. Yesterday I made Turkey Ruebans - grilled turkey on Wheat with Swiss and cole slaw on the top which is soo good. Last night, gnocci with homemade tomato sauce (I roasted the tomatoes in the oven and added fresh basil) and goat cheese (pasturized, of course) and beet salad.
Last night we went to an off broadway show that a friend of our was in, then to the after party, THEN out to a bar and I did not complain or glare at DH the entire night. At one point I did have to go to the bathroom and take of my tights, which were trying to cut my stomach in half! We got home after 2:30AM which needless to say hasn't happened in QUITE awhile, slept in until 11 and had a nice romantic morning before DH went off to band practice. I feel dizzy but other than that I agree with this time being pretty "golden"- in comparison. I think my skin has even started to do a little bit of glowing.....

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