Friday, March 27, 2009

Continuing post black out

That was so scary yesterday! I called DH and he made me promise to call the OB. First I posted on the bump to get opinions and everyone said to call ASAP so I did (trust internet strangers more than DH?) and the DR said that it must have been a drop in blood pressure which can happen in pregnancy since the body is making so much extra blood . I guess the pressure can go up and down and you get dizzy. Of course I seem to get the extreme version of every symptom so far. It is kind of frustrating though, I feel like such a loser! If I had been getting up quickly or hadn't eaten I would just be sure to be careful and not do that again, but since it was so sudden now I am afraid of passing out on the street alone or falling in the house. DH is now on high alert and pretty much doesn't want me going anywhere alone.
I was also looking forward to starting yoga again soon (crazy yoga teacher must have given birth by now) but with the dizziness and feeling winded every time I go up the stairs, I don't know if it's such a good idea. My mom says to look for a prenatal meditation/relaxation class. Basically sit around and do nothing with an bunch of other pregnant women? That sounds perfect! Still looking for that class. :)
I found a nursery set on craigslist that looks adorable - white cottage style Ragazzi sleigh crib, dresser/changer and glider with ottoman. Now I have just realized the crib has a drop side rail which has just been banned, so that won't work. I guess I better just wait for my Baby Bargains book to come before I buy some death trap! I don't really want the house crowed with all this stuff for the next 5 month anyway. It will be crowded enough in September, let's enjoy our space.....

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