Tuesday, April 7, 2009

17 weeks and the Snoogle!

Ever since I heard about the Snoogle, I have been obsessed with saying it. I have been using DH as a Snoogle, but he gets too hot and makes me go back to my side of the bed. I have been trying pillows under my knees since I can't sleep on my stomach anymore, but my back has been hurting more and more. SO yesterday I had a meeting in the city and dragged myself to BRU in the pouring rain and got the Snoogle. It is so big it like having an extra person in the bed - or a giant worm- but it is AMAZING! Especially now that I have read that I have to stop sleeping on my back soon as well. I didn't know about that. I had such an amazing sleep last night all wrapped up in my Snoogle.
We had a super busy weekend and I was exhausted. DH had a show Friday night, we had a brunch Saturday and a birthday Saturday night. We told another group of friends about the pregnancy and I think they were a little shocked that we hadn't told sooner. I am really showing a lot now so it must have been a bit of a surprise to see me like that all of a sudden.
Now we have a busy week ahead as well. Dinner with FIL tonight, he is in town on business- fancy dinner yay! Meeting with our tax accountant tomorrow- uh oh. Meetings Thursday and Friday.. No plans for Easter weekend. :( It is lonely being in the city with no family around on the holidays. I suppose by next Easter we will have some kind of Easter Egg hunt to go to and have a bunch of baby friends. I am really looking forward to that.

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