Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yogurt with Granola, nuts and Banana..

YUM! I love my breakfast and my water-coffee. Feeling the baby has been the highlight of the week so far, but it hasn't happened again. I can't wait until I can feel it more often.
I have been a little bit worried because I really haven't had any dreams about the baby at all. I see other women writing letters to their babies and talking about this strong connection and love for them that they have already (even at just a few weeks PG). I am SO excited for the baby and SO excited to meet the baby. I think often about how he/she will look, act, what we will do together.. But I don't really feel attached to what is in my stomach right now - I am not really making the connection. I am thinking this will change when I can actually feel it moving, and also when we find out the sex. Right now I just feel like I am in this strange limbo. SOMETHING is in there, but who is it? WHat is it doing? I can't feel it or see it, I can just imagine this future and all the wonderful ways our lives are going to change..
I had an annoying conversation with my Dad this morning. First he had to give me some advice on one of my clients who he was stalking on Facebook- annoying and not helpful. Then he told me the rumor going around my hometown is that my little sister is the one who is pregnant! She is 24 and has been with her boyfriend since high school, but it would still be shocking since they aren't married. She has gained a lot of weigh lately which may be part of it! This rumor also came from a very gossipy woman and I almost think she made it up. I know her daughter and her husband couldn't have a child and ended up adopting so maybe she is jealous and just trying to jab my Dad a little, which she loves to do. Anyway, what my Dad took from all this is that it is my fault this rumor got around and I should have just let him tell everyone from the beginning and if something had happened then I would just have to deal with that pain or whatever. He can really be such a jerk and so selfish sometimes.

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