Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Latest Book Shipment arrived!

My latest shipment arrived from Amazon yesterday!

We originally bought the Mayo Guide to Pregnancy when we started TTC, having read some bad reviews of What To Expect. However, the Mayo guide is pretty much boring us to tears. Seriously, it is SO boring and the index sucks. Nothing I want to to look up is ever in there, it's just a few pages long. What to Expect looks way more exciting and I like how it is divided up by month with boxes and quotes and fun things. I think I will start it from the beginning.

Raising Baby Green has great reviews and has won some parenting awards to I thought I would get started with that. I have already read The Complete Organic Pregnancy which was great, but this moves more into parenting as well.

Baby Bargain's 8th edition JUST came out, so the timing couldn't be better on that. I am SO glad I waited to buy things until after reading this! It is SUPER helpful, especially the little grids showing how long each thing lasts. The ratings are great because they show the best deal and best quality for each price point. Turn out the Young American furniture I love (which costs a fortune) is made with chipboard, it's not even solid wood for those prices AND it's made in China!!! The book also has info on organic products and what to look for. For example Pottery Barn's organic sheets are only made of 5% organic cotton! I have only gotten through cribs and bedding so far.
Based on the BB high rating, we are going to go check out the cribs at IKEA today and see just how hideous they really are. We have such a small space and no room for matching furniture so this 1st crib doesn't need to be an heirloom or anything. If the cribs are decent looking and safe, I would rather save there and get an organic mattress and sheets, great stroller, car seat etc.


Baby Momma Andrea said...

If you haven't picked up the Pregnancy week by week book, that one is great!! I like that more then the WTEWYE book. Happy Reading!

islandsinthestream said...

Thanks! I will look for it! BTW my photo sizing isn't working, I said to upload small!