Sunday, April 12, 2009

18 weeks!

Yay, it is Easter and we are 18 weeks! I say "we" now, because now that I can feel something actually moving around a little bit in there, I feel like baby and I are really in this together. Of course, DH is in it as well, but you know what I mean.

I finally got my Paige maternity jeans yesterday and they are AMAZING. I actually look professional and cute again. We went all the way uptown to Gossip Girl land to this fancy maternity boutique on Madison (Gwyneth shops there) that has all the best maternity denim. They had some amazing things - Vince cashmere wraps, adorable dresses, beautiful lingerie- but we are not it the market for $500 + sweaters at the moment. The first pair of jeans I tried were perfect so that was painless. Although the shop lady thought I may need a larger size at the very end, but that I most likely will NOT be wearing jeans in August in NYC at 8 months pregnant. I will take her word on that. These jeans WILL be adorable PP in September until I can squeeze back into my regular jeans.

To celebrate buying more $200 jeans we went out to dinner in the city. We were craving really good Indian so we went to Little India in the East Village - Yummm... Sag Paneer, Raita, Nan.. live Sitar and drums. It was nice to have a date night.
After dinner I fell asleep watching a movie and DH went out with friends. I really don't want him sitting at home working on a Saturday night (which he will do) so I assured him I wouldn't even know he was gone, which was true.

Today is Easter Sunday and it is BEAUTIFUL, but cold. I am hoping to take the dogs out to the dog park and get some chocolate bunnies but 50 degrees may be too cold for them, even with Lloyd in his parka.

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