Thursday, April 30, 2009

OMG!! It's a Boy!?!!!

I am so surprised and beyond excited!

So, yesterday we went for the BIG U/S which was at a totally different location, St.Vincent's Hospital, which was such a pain. We had to go through an hour of registration and being checked in, then up to the L&D area and then wait in another gross room for another hour with the rudest receptionist ever. I am so glad that was not my regular OB office. See, in NY, even though it is rich and fabulous, everything is old and disgusting and difficult. I think I have mentioned this before. :)

ANYWAY, it was finally our turn and we went into the US room. The DR was nice but seemed very rushed and was clearly running behind. First we saw it's little face, and the profile looked just like me! I was sure it was a girl at that point. He continued doing measurements - eyes, ears, counted fingers, hands and toes.. We were so anxious to hear the sex, but after being snapped at at the NT scan we were quiet and didn't ask him anything...just waiting.. Then he had to take a call! Agonizing 15 minute wait... when he came back and started again, he was chuckling and said "You know what it is?" and we both said "No!!" He said, "Oh, you don't want to know, right?" I don't know if he was just teasing us? We yelled "YES! We do want to know!!" And he said, "Oh, he is playing with his thing! He has been the whole time, I thought you didn't want to know!" WHAT??? His thing??? A BOY??!! DH was SO happy and proud, it was the best moment far at least. :)

Everyone is beyond excited, especially my Dad who had 2 girls, and of course DH who is having visions of a family band already.. The name is picked, the email was sent out and now it REALLY feels real. We went for a yummy Japanese lunch and I wanted to go get him a little first outfit but we didn't have time because the grocery delivery was coming. Plenty of time for baby shopping still I guess. :::Taps fingers:::

FIL was in town last night so we went to a nice dinner, then to band practice with DH. The baby LOVED it! He was kicking and dancing up a storm in there! He is being born into a lonnggg line of musicians on both sides. I am sure he will be playing guitar before he can walk. Haha.

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Baby Momma Andrea said...

Congratulations!!! Such a funny way for your doctor to tell you.