Sunday, April 19, 2009

19 weeks!

19 weeks, ahh! The belly has popped out even more this week and I actually feel like I am starting to waddle - must put an end to that ASAP! Too soon! The weather turned beautiful this weekend and we were able to take the dogs to the dog park three days in a row which has been very helpful. They are getting much less awkward. It is also super fun to check out all the parents and strollers in the park! We just can't wait to have our own little one to stroll around!

Sleeping has been harder this week. I have been having these strange nightmares where I wake up hysterical and my body tingles and hurts - the way it does if you get really frightened or startled by something. I have noticed that when I wake up like this I am always on my back. You are actually not supposed to sleep on your back in the 2nd half of pregnancy because the weight of the uterus and baby presses on the vena cava and blocks blood flow. Maybe that is what is happening and it wakes me up? The dreams themselves haven't been SO scary that they should have me waking up hysterical and in pain. The dream the other night was that I took Lloyd (our Yorkie) to the water park. I woke up crying to DH that I TOLD Lloyd I wouldn't take him to the water park again, but I DID! I was so upset!

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday.. I actually saw stars. I was getting ready to go out and suddenly I felt a little dizzy then saw flashing blinking sparkly stars all over the room. Very strange. I sat down for awhile and they went away. Just add it on to my weird list of symptoms.

Last night we went to a housewarming party which was fun, except the hostess is a personal chef and had the lost amazing cheeses I couldn't eat and amazing cocktails all mixed up that I couldn't drink. It was one of DHs best friends so we had to stay forever and my back was killing me. I wish I knew SOMEONE else who was PG so I am not the only loser all the time.

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