Thursday, July 2, 2009


Why am I just finding this out?? TOPSHOP finally opened their NY store a little while ago, and there were lines around the block for days. I haven't been yet because I thought it would be depressing to see all the little dresses I can't wear this summer. Well, I sent one of my clients there yesterday and she told me they have maternity!! So I immediately googled and found that you can even order from their website! Now, it doesn't look like the maternity was designed by Kate Moss like the other things I want, but it still beats ordering from the same 5 cute Gap dresses that every pregnant woman in America will wear to her shower this summer!
I am hoping for a beiiger selection in the store, but here are a few things I love so far...
Fun day dress...

Possible shower dress...

Actual cool outfit I would actually wear not pregnant..

I know this bathing suit is ridiculous, but I am somehow drawn to it... How cute for camping and hanging out at the river with a cooler and hot dogs and a big sun hat?

I will be trotting over to to the Soho store as SOON as my next quarter checks come in next week!

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