Monday, January 26, 2009

7 Weeks 1 Day

My first appointment is finally tomorrow, I am so excited and nervous. I am pretty sure everything is OK so far since I have been feeling so bad. Hmm. This afternoon I have an acupuncture appointment which I really hope is going to help with the awful headaches and nausea. I spent most of yesterday researching the options in case my doctor prescribes something and I want to be ready with questions. Zofran is a prescription that seems to be prescribed pretty often in the US for severe nausea, but upon extensive research it looks pretty creepy to me. Is it just so new and I do NOT trust these prescription drug companies. Anyway, I don't want this blog to turn into my soapbox, although I guess it can really be whatever I want and I can write whatever makes me feel better to talk about.
The place where I am getting my acupuncture is a Holistic Center a few blocks from my house where I used to take Pilates a few times a week before I got too lazy/broke/busy. Now it seems they are starting a prenatal yoga class in February and I think the timing is just too good for me not to do it. I prefer Pilates to Yoga because I am tall and not all that flexible, but since it's prenatal, how intense can it be? They can't really look at me too badly when I can only do downward dog for 5 seconds because of my nausea, can they? Hopefully I can make some friends and just get out of the house for a little before DH wakes up on Saturday mornings.

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