Friday, January 2, 2009

Going Crazy?

I know every single TTC blog has a post (or many posts) like this. Phantom symptoms, searching the internet like a crazy person, interpreting every possible twinge and cramp.
My cycle has been 24 days the last few months, and I am now on day 27. I have been cramping to death and expecting my period for the last week. I tested on CD 21, 23 and 25 and have run out of cheapy tests. Plus, after a little googling I see that cramping can also be a pregnancy symptom. Why, of course it can! Anything to make us crazier!
I do have my special digitals that I am saving for when things look really promising , so MAYBE if AF hasn't come in the AM I will take one. I am actually leaving for the airport early tomorrow AM for a business trip so it would be nice, if it were to be positive, to know before I leave and not get carried away with martinis at the convention or end up doing an HPT by myself in my bathroom at the Hyatt.
OK, back to Fertility Friend to look at the oh-so-helpful - HPT before + HPT chart gallery!

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