Friday, January 30, 2009

Acupuncture, Coffee, Health Insurance and the Blessed Mother

I had my first acupuncture appointment last Monday and it was pretty great. She gave me some great tips about my diet. First off all, my favorite breakfast- yogurt with cereal is making me throw up, plain hot oatmeal will stay down. Also cold water is being replaced by warm water with a little bit of fresh ginger shaved into it. She examined me and said that my stomach and bowels were very weak and exhausted and I am too tense, I really need to relax. My chi is not flowing through my whole body making my hands and feet freezing and giving me headaches and nausea. I am going again on Monday and trying to relax more!

Sure enough, the doctor did prescribe me Zofran, the nausea medication since I have lost 5 pounds so far, but after talking with my parents, they absolutely agreed that it has not been on the market long enough and no way should I take it. Mom thinks my body is in shock from the lifestyle change in addition to everything else and I should have a very weak coffee in the morning with lots of milk, and a half glass of red wine at night to relax. I know a lot of people don't agree with this, but I trust my body and my family's advice. She was the president of the local La Leche League for years and my grandmother will be 101 years old in a few weeks. She has never taken medication or drank soda, but still has a gin and tonic every day. It's all about moderation. My mom also let it out that my aunt (mother to the doctor/lawyer/beauty pageant cousins) drank up a storm when she was PG!

To add to the stress, we are in a bit of a Health Insurance fiasco. I was working with a company for the last year and a half and got decent health insurance for me and DH. That partnership was ended in November and I my Health Insurance ends at the end of the month (AKA tomorrow). Well, they have to offer for me to keep the insurance under COBRA and were supposed to give me 60 days to decide whether to keep the coverage and pay them month to month. I have been harassing them non stop to send the paperwork, but it just arrived yesterday and it is going to cost $550 each per month to keep the coverage. Yes, $1100 per month! Now we have ONE day to try to get coverage somewhere else and pray that my OBGYN will take the new insurance. It is so unfair. I mentor pregnant teens and they just keep on having babies and living off the government, using the extra cash to buy Baby Phat sneakers and a nicer cell phone then I have, while I, a successful and tax paying citizen, have to struggle, save and work my ass until I am 30 just to have a baby and get to go to the doctor. I am a Democrat, I swear and I love my volunteer work, but sometimes I just get so frustrated by the way things are right now in this country.

One more thing. My parents told me they weren't going to tell anyone else, but yesterday I received a congratulations email from my Aunt and Uncle with the news that my due date, Sept 13 is the anniversary of the Blessed Mother visiting the three children of Fatima Portugal in 1917! WHAT A COINCIDENCE, right?! Haha, gotta love the Catholic side of the family. :)

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