Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So It Begins..

I think I had my fist bout of morning sickness yesterday. I woke up just feeling totally crappy and in a bad mood and was very horrible to be around the entire morning. I couldn't find anything I wanted to eat until we agreed to make our favorite treat- Perogies with grilled onions, applesauce and yogurt (instead or sour cream). As soon as DH left for work, it came on so fast and I threw up lunch and had to sit by the toilet for awhile. Gross. I felt a little better after that and got a little work done and then became so ill again, dry heaving and gagging, and had to lie on the coach and watch House Hunters until DH got home for dinner. The thought of the nice steak and salad I was going to make was enough to make me feel really ill again, so my sweet husband went out and got me some bland soup instead and he learned to make himself a steak.
So far so good today, but it's only 9:30 AM.
I also found out that my cousin is PG as well, 8 weeks. Now, how did my Dad manage to find this out? Of course, he told his brother that I am pregnant but don't tell anyone, and my Uncle said that my cousin is pregnant but he isn't allowed to tell anyone either. So now both our families know, which is fine I guess but that is, let's see how many people... Aunt and Uncle, 6 kids, 2 are married, one had three kids.. that's already 13 of them. I love my cousin dearly and I am so happy for her, but my Dad and his brother are rather competitive with each other, and she is 2 weeks farther along. Not to mention she is 2 years younger than me and she and her husband are both doctors. She is also gorgeous and runs marathons. Her older sister is actually my age, she is the one with three kids already. She is also a beauty pageant queen and she and her husband are both lawyers. Oh, but now she is in Med school. I REALLY am not jealous of my cousins, I love them and those are not things I would ever have chosen to do with my life. To be honest, I have a pretty fabulous life myself, I am just saying we have a pretty competitive family.

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