Friday, January 23, 2009


So yesterday I was feeling totally crappy as usual, lounging on the couch with my laptop and sort of watching a Harry Prince Jr. movie when my mind started wondering... I wonder if I will get any cravings? Like pickles and Ice Cream, gross...OH MY GOD....a PICKLE would be SO good right now. : Goes to fridge to look for pickles. None. : Oh well, I will ask DH to pick some up on his way home, back to movie.... But that won't be for three more hours!!.... Whatever, just watch the movie, forget about pickles... Then the strongest urge for a pickle totally overtook me, my glands in my mouth were salivating and I would seriously kill for a pickle!! It was the strangest thing. So, I bundled up and trekked down to the deli.. NO pickles! So, in the snow and ice I headed down to the Spanish deli.. also no pickles. Now, I do NOT do this kind of thing, I have barely left the house since the Target incident. I was nauseous and freezing, but cold NOT go home without pickles! So, I walked the other direction all the way to the grocery store and found the pickle isle.. and there they were! Just then DH called...

me: "Oh hi sweetie, I am very busy right now, what's going on?"
DH: "Um, where are you? What is that rap music in the background?"
me: "Oh, I had to get something at the grocery store"
DH: "Really? You are shopping for dinner? I'm glad you're feeling better!"
me: "Oh, no not really. I am just getting one thing."
DH: "What?"
me: "Pickles. It's really important. I have to go."
DH: "Oh, here we go"

I got back home with the pickles, I had even found a jar of delicious Organic Woodstock Dills! Yum! I can't describe the happiness as I curled up in my blanket, watching Harry Prince Jr., eating pickle after pickle after pickle.....

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