Saturday, January 10, 2009

Got a Secret, Can We Keep It?

My mother called yesterday morning to say "Your father and I think that not being able to tell anyone is cruel and unusual punishment." Well, if you look at the statistics for the risk of losing the baby this early maybe you would agree that telling everyone I am pregnant, then having to tell everyone we lost it, would really be far worse. Now we see why people wait even to tell their parents. Especially if they are not good secret-keepers like mine AND live on a small island where word travels fast and everyone knows everyone.
I am still feeling good, no nausea yet. I haven't had a SIP of coffee which has been really hard, as has missing out of our nightly glass of wine with dinner. Since DH insists that I agreed before I got KU that I would be OK with him continuing to drink around me (I don't remember saying that), I poured myself a glass of prune juice which looks fabulous in the Riedel merlot and really looks just like wine.
I did a freelance job yesterday for a designer I work with every few months. At the end of the shoot she told me she couldn't fit in the samples anymore because she has gained 14 pounds - she is 19 weeks! It was all I could do to say "I am pregnant too!!" But there is such a huge difference between 19 weeks and my measly 4 weeks and 5 days. She has a 4 year old and I am sure she has waited this long to tell everyone for a reason and I so will take that lesson and try to keep quiet for another 2 months.

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