Monday, July 13, 2009


Top Three Nursery Pet Peeves:

#1 What is up with the names over the crib? ENOUGH already. 99 out of 100 nurseries this year have the babies name hung in giant letters over the crib. 75 out of those also seem to have a giant tree painted on the wall. It's a pandemic.

#2 Wall decals. For the most part they are so disgusting. The little random stickers of animals or dots scattered sloppily all over the walls look ridiculous. They remind me of a bedroom in a trailer park where the kids have put stickers all over the walls and no one bothered to clean them off. The giant quotes can be OK, but when they say something creepy in big scrolling letters like "My Prince Charming Has Come, and His Name is Daddy" that's just... umm.. disturbing somehow.

#3 Matching bedding with matching ruffled window valances.. This type of curtain is my biggest design nightmare of them all. Short, ruffled curtains with cartoons or some hideous color combination? These make the windows looks smaller and usually showcases the ugly blinds or ugly window frames. What's wrong with nice long sheer drapes?

OK, bitchy rant over. Maybe I am just jealous and frustrated because we haven't gotten to buy any furniture or work on the "nursery" at all yet. Now I just checked the IKEA website and the Gulliver crib is out of stock at every location in the NY area. People must have more babies in the summer? They do have the other furniture I like, photo below. This basically how the room will look but I am going to paint the changing station white, maybe change the handles and knobs, and the crib is different (more modern). I may have to rush around and find another one all together I guess. I really like how it has the little shelves for some books and a little cabinet. I want to keep the baby things contained to his side of the room as much as possible! Hopefully it will be enough space for everything, there really isn't room for anything else!


A Baby Peach said...

OMG too funny! I sooo agree! We originally were going to do the tree thing, but then it seemed like everyone was doing it and I said no more!

And I HATE that particular quote as well. I don't understand how it's cute, it's disturbing and inappropriate!

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

LMAO!! I hope that you find your bedding & can't wait to see what your nursery looks like!!

BM said...

I wholeheartedly agree with this post! And I also want to ask these women, what happens if you meet your LO and they don't seem like a (fill in the blank. Carlos? Jemima? anyway).

islandsinthestream said...

Haha, I am sure I offended 99% of the world, but I am glad you girls agree! Craziness!