Sunday, July 26, 2009

33 weeks!

Lord, the baby is moving SO much lately. I am kind of worried that he is going to be a really crazy child. Eek.

Anyway, we picked up the mattress yesterday, but I will spare you a photo of the crib looking exactly identical except with the sheet on. We also ordered the changer/dresser and it should be here sometime in the next week- Yay! Something to put things in! The shopping bags in the corner of the room are getting old.

Today I THINK we are going over to our friends' house for a pool party. They live in a house out a little farther in Brooklyn and their landlords are out of town and invited them to use the pool while they are gone. I would LOVE to float around for awhile, even though I am going to look like Shamu or some kind of other sea mammal show in that little above ground pool. Oh well. I am desperate.

Here are my sweet dogbabies, fresh from the groomer with their summer cuts.

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