Thursday, July 30, 2009

101st Post!

Wow, I can't believe I have made 100 posts on this blog... well, maybe I can. I was always WAY into keeping a journal, I kept one from about age 12 until I met my college boyfriend.. Then I think I picked it back up again when I was living at home in my 20s. They are so embarrassing and I may destroy them so my kids don't read them some day, but they were really therapeutic at the time. As is this blog.

Sometimes I think I may print this out and give it to Mason one day, but maybe not. I don't want to edit myself for my future child. I just need to be able to say what I want to say.

For instance, DH was very mean the other night. We have been getting Ben & Jerry's ice cream pretty much every day. DH has been sick, so we have been enabling each other and maybe it has gotten a little out of control. So Tuesday I went to Yoga which was a really hard workout actually, came home and cooked dinner, and got a craving for ice cream (surprise surprise). Well, DH for once didn't want any ice cream so I said I did and would just go get it. Then he got into this whole thing where he suddenly thinks we have been having it too often AND said that my arms have been getting fatter the last few days (oh no he did not!!) Well, I went and got it anyway, knowing he was just being a grump and would feel bad about it later. He did feel bad about it later, but not before he said that my dresser was a mess, my clothes are everywhere AND he is frustrated because I am so big that sex is getting really difficult. He apologized all night after and all day yesterday, saying he was possessed. He has never said anything other than how amazing I look before, so I knew he was just having some kind of issue. What can I do, stay mad? No.

My self esteem must not be too destroyed, because I started researching maternity photographers last night. I couldn't find anyone I liked searching google (except one amazing women who charges $5000, hey this is NYC) so I posted on the neighborhood list serve and got some great recommendations and options. I have been on the fence about getting them done. I don't love being in front of the camera. I actually majored in photography in college so I am always the one taking the pics. The problem with that is there are never any photos of me. DH takes the worst photos and I would like a some memento, a decent representation of what I looked like during my first (hopefully) pregnancy - I am not getting any younger here. :)

Our changer/dresser came yesterday and DH had it all set up for me when I got home from my meetings. It looks great. I took all the baby things we have so far out of their shopping bags and put them in the drawers. They are so adorable!

We ordered the DVD "Happiest Baby On the Block" on the recommendation of some new moms and we watched that yesterday as well. I would say it was worth the $10 to learn about the 5 "s" s and how to calm the baby. Whether we can make it work remains to be seen. DH was transfixed and memorized the swaddling technique. One great thing they mentioned is that dads can be as good or better at calming the baby, so it really gives them a great way to be involved and soothe the baby in his own way, since he can't nurse.

We also got our bathtub re-glazed, another thing done off the check list! The tub was peeling and just not sanitary for baths, for me or baby when he gets a little older. Now it looks like a brand new tub - yay! We did have to go shower at the yoga studio (nice big steam shower, fun!) because we didn't realize we wouldn't be able to shower for 24 hours while it dries, then another 24 hours for the caulk to dry.

Alright, what's next? The countdown is on...


Baby Momma Andrea said...

you said it! "oooh NO he didn't!" Your hubby owes you big time!! I would think something fun and sparkly for a "push gift" when the big day comes :-)

islandsinthestream said...

Haha totally!!