Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hospital Tour!

We took our hospital tour last night, which was pretty amazing. I was happy to see that the hospital (NYU Tisch) was a lot more modern than St.Vincents where we went for our anatomy ultrasound. The lobby is huge with a big grassy area in the middle, very clean and hotel - like. The tour had about 10 or 12 couples and everyone seemed to be in their last few months. I was mostly surprised at how calm everything was. I was expecting to hear screaming women, women being rushed into emergency C sections, people packed in the waiting room.. but it was very quiet and the nurses were all hanging around the nursing station chatting. One woman was in triage eating a sandwich. We saw the L& D rooms (pretty nice) and the baby nursery where they were bathing and fixing up a couple of babies. They wheeled a tiny newborn past us and that's when I really hit home. He was so small and adorable and everyone is the group seemed pretty stunned. No one could even come up with any questions - a very rare thing in NYC. I am not thrilled about the shared rooms, but it looks fine. If you get the window side you have a nice view of the East River. Also, while I am still scared about DH not being able to spend the night, he can stay until 10:30 (my bedtime anyway) and be back at 8:30 so hopefully I will barely miss him. The woman who did our tour is a lactation consultant and said how the hospital is very supportive of breast feeding. We can work with a consultant and take a class while we are there. Maybe that doesn't sound so bad after all... a few days in the hospital.. classes, nurses, food brought to me.. we will see. :)
After the tour we had a little extra time so we hung out downstairs in the garden, DH played some guitar since he was on his way to band practice. It was really nice.
Yesterday I was really sad and wrote a post that I don't intend to publish. Things are still tough financially. My first big check came in, then was taken back by the bank for unknown reasons and it in the mail somewhere getting returned to me. DH spent an hour on the phone with the bank to no avail. All my clients are late paying this quarter of course so still no shopping. ALso it seems like a lot of our friends are not going to be able to come to the shower. I am just happy to see my mom and sister, and I am sure it will be great, but I got pretty sad seeing the rsvp list so far. Phew.
DH said something really sweet after the tour. He said that all this struggling and difficulty is just going to make perfect sense as soon as we have our little baby in less than two months. We are ready for this and this is what is all about.

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