Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nursery Progress!

At least it is something, but it does look a little strange because we don't have the mattress yet. The crib is so beautiful, and it is crazy getting used to having it in the room. We can't believe we are going to have our little guy in there in less than 2 months!

Next step, figure out the rest of the nursery. Now the crib is in here I have realized that the Ikea system #1 will not fit, and #2 is going to look really crappy next to this nice crib. SO... Arginton does make a changing table that fits perfectly with the crib, but #1 it is $800 and #2 do I want to pay $800 for a modern changing table? It's not really my style, but it would look sooo nice. We are going to go check them out again when we pick up the mattress.

Here it is..

I have been in the best mood because we got our tax return check which I wasn't expecting so soon (that's a first). Yesterday I went to Prenatal Yoga for the first time in forEVER. Then this morning I put on my workout clothes and walked to the post office, came home and showered, then went back out and got a badly needed pedicure. We were going to do errands in the city, but poor DH is still sick so I had him drop me off in Soho (too hot for the train today) and I did errands, a little shopping, and had my doctor's appointment. Everyone I see has been telling me how huge I am and how big the baby is going to be so I was looking forward to getting measured and weighed today. I am measuring just a few days ahead, but not a big deal. I also don't seem to have gained weight since last time. I was seriously afraid that I was going to be over 150 lbs today, but I am still just under (barely). I even had time to go get my FAVORITE watermelon juice from Cafe Gitane and DH picked me back up and brought me home. Such a nice day, but now I am about to pass out.

I just ordered another maternity dress from Old NAvy. I definitely over did it with the tops when I was 4-6 months. It is WAY too hot and just uncomfortable to wear pants now and the tops don't even cover my belly anymore so I have worn the same dress every day for the last two weeks. I went by TopShop again today, but nothing cute at all. I can probably live in two dresses for the next two months, as long as I can find something cute for the shower. :)

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