Saturday, July 18, 2009

I think we found our crib...

Yesterday we went to check out Mini Jake, a baby store in our neighborhood that I hadn't been by yet. I thought it was just a small boutique with mostly modern things, so I hadn't been in a rush to get over there yet for some reason. The store is actually big and GREAT. They carry a full line of all the best (AKA fancy) cribs, strollers, books, products, and they are SO nice. Modern cribs aren't really my style, but one caught DHs eye and I really liked it as well. It is the Argington Sahara. The price tags on all these cribs run from $700- $1500, but it turns out they have one in the box that a couple just returned, and are selling it for 30% off! Check out if you are interested, they have some beautiful things!

If I am going to spend money on a crib, I want it to be a good investment. Buying this crib supports a local neighborhood store, local designers, and is a green purchase. :) Honestly, pieces of chipboard crap at BRU cost this much. Boy do I love a deal.

Argington Sahara
The Sahara Crib is made from renewable and sustainably harvested solid birch wood and low voc birch plywood. We use Non toxic and pollutant free finishes and our production facilities are energy efficient to reduce waste and energy. The crib transforms into a toddler bed expanding the life of the product several additional years and negating the need to buy a whole new bed, creating less waste in the world.
FSC certified sustainably harvested wood
Low-VOC glues
Non toxic and pollutant free finishes
Energy efficient production facilities

Now, as long as it is still there today and they are OK with taking Mommy's credit card info over the phone (she offered to buy our crib all along and is excited about this one), we will be good to go!

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