Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend/ 30 weeks!

It's the 4th of July weekend and we decided to stay in the city. It's kind of cool because the city almost totally empties out as everyone rushes off to the Hamptons, Upstate, New Jersey.. Luckily our friends were around as well and we had a great time. Friday we actually went to the DMV to do some name changing business. The Brooklyn DMV is pretty much hell on earth, as it is located in the hell on earth Atlantic "Mall". The Atlantic Mall actually has a very very similar feeling to the Tutu Park mark in St.Thomas - it is SO ghetto. DH ended up not having the right paperwork because his out of state ID already expired, but I made it through all three lines and should have a new DL with my married name and actual address on it (for once) in 2 weeks.
Since we were already in that part of Brooklyn, we headed over the Habana Outpost, a delicious Brazilian restaurant and the first solar powered eatery in BK! The original Cafe Habana is by our old place in Nolita and we LOVVEE the grilled corn smothered in mayo, buttter, queso and lime! So we had a quick queso and avocado sandwich, some corn and some drinks. I was hoping for a virgin frozen mojito or margarita, but they were already mixed so I had to settle with a lemonade.
From there it was time to head to our friends' place out by Prospect Park. We had yummy appetizers and hung out in the back yard and ordered pizza. AND we found out our friend Amy is pregnant! This is the wife of one of DHs best friend's so it is pretty exciting that we aren't the ONLY ones anymore! Now I feel bad for the other couple. Us three couples always hang out, we all got married the same year, etc. and the only one not PG is the one who I think most wants to get PG and has wanted to for the longest. She is the youngest though, and they aren't trying yet until they have a better financial plan which is smart.

Yesterday we went down to the park and picked up out CSA, took the dogs to the dog park, and DH went for a run on the track. Then we stopped by the farmer's market to pick up eggs and strawberries for my fruit pizza. We gave the dogs a bath and went over to Kevin and Amy's for a bar b q. It was the nicest weather, really perfect and beautiful and yummy food. We were even able to see the fireworks from the roof. Muffin (our Maltese) and I don't really like fireworks, but it was pretty and we were brave.

Unfortunately, DH has been in a grumpy mood all weekend and I don't know what to do to make him feel better. We have still had a nice time, but it has been hanging around like a black cloud and we have gotten into a few little fights. Last night he was so upset, but I was just so tired I couldn't stay up to talk to him anymore. I know he is worried about teaching college in the fall, but I just know he is going to be so good at it and love it so much. I wish he didn't have to spend the next 2 months dreading it.

We got sooo many blueberries in our CSA this week so I am going to go make some blueberry pancakes and do some cleaning. I am still so tired. I want to go back to sleep but I know I can't.


Bounty said...

Not very long at all! Do you feel prepared for the birth yet? I just had my first baby, a little boy called Marlow, such a great experience. Have you thought about names yet? is a great place to search as you can look by origin and meaning!. Love your blog and your shopping advices - I really hope things go well for you hun! xxxx

islandsinthestream said...

Thank you!! I love the name Marlow, it is so adorable! We picked our name (um, years ago I think haha), Mason Edward - both family names. :) Hope everything is going well for you!