Sunday, July 12, 2009

31 weeks

I must say, I really outdid myself with dinner last night: Bar B Q ribs, macaroni and cheese, and sauteed farm fresh zucchini and squash with a salad of CSA red lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

What a nice weekend so far. It is still so beautiful and not too hot. I had a meeting on Friday in the city, then DH and I went out for date night to one of our favorites, a wonderful Italian restaurant around the corner. Yesterday, we went to the park in the morning to pick up our CSA share, then spent the rest of the day cooking and cleaning and actually getting some things done for the baby. Apparently, my nesting instinct kicked in yesterday, it was amazing! I have felt very small urges to clean, but mostly just feelings of inadequacy and urges to get a new housekeeper ASAP. Yesterday, we moved the dining room table to it's new spot by the window, and moved DHs desk where the dining room table used to be. I was worried that the room would be really cramped and awful, but it actually looks really nice. It's nice eating over by the front windows, we weren't really using that space anyway. Now I have the whole half of the bedroom pretty much cleared out to make room for baby area. But, we have no baby furniture yet, so there wasn't much I could do there. Instead, I took on the closet. I pulled out all out shoes, scrubbed down the shelves, got rid of about 20 pairs, and put everything back in in perfect order. I even found my Chanel flats that I thought were missing! I forgot, they were in a shoe bag with a pair of heels packed for DHs cousin's wedding a few months ago.. oops. I then scrubbed down the kitchen cabinets and appliances, under the sink where the garbage is, and even cleaned all the cleaning products and the bucket they are stored in! It was totally crazy, I felt like I did when I got that Adderall prescription for school. DH was just watching me from the sofa as I scrubbed the bottle of stove cleaner. I still plan on hiring a housekeeper before the baby is born if it fits onto the budget, this is just the preliminary work.

Symptom-wise, I am feeling more and more crappy. I now have a sore pain in my groin (?? Do girls have groins?) or somewhere down there. My belly is sooo big and it hurts to get up and down. Mason is a crazy baby and pokes out all over the place giving me alien stomach. He is getting so big, I can feel him way over my one side while I can see him poking out way over on the other side of my belly. He also likes to communicate with DH. When he puts his hand on my belly, Mason pokes out under his hand. Then DH pokes him, and he kicks back. It is really cute, I hope we aren't harassing him!

Today I am taking picture of DHs band in the park, then they are all coming over for a meeting and pizza. They better not leave a drillion beer bottles and pizza boxes around or I might freak out!

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