Sunday, August 2, 2009

34 weeks!

I am so excited, I am getting maternity pics done today! The photographer is coming over at 4 and we will shoot some singles, then when DH comes home from band practice we will do some together. I went with the least expensive option. The photos don't have to be frame worthy masterpieces, I just want some decent pics to have for the baby book. :)

I was SO exhausted yesterday and I slept until 10AM today! Very strange, I am always up by 7. DH and I did get into an argument last night, that probably put me into a deep sleep. He has a show in DC in a few weeks, when I will 38 weeks. We already decided he should go, but I am nervous about it. He says I already made the decision, and bringing it up makes him feel bad about going which is unfair. I really just wanted some support and encouragement, but maybe I am being passive aggressive and don't really want him to go. I love his music and I do believe in it so much, but maybe my motherly instinct is kicking in ("get a real job") haha. I am going to stop. I don't want to be that person.

I read that the baby can now differentiate between songs he hears, and will recognize songs when he comes out. That is so amazing!

Now I have to go do some crazy cleaning before the photographer gets here!

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