Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 year anniversary!

Yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary, but we are celebrating it pretty much for the next week. Last night DH had a big show with his band, so we decided to postpone the soppy celebration to tonight. Tonight we are going out to dinner at The Dressler, our favorite local fancy place where we always go for special occasions. DH loves getting all romantic and soppy and we always end up crying, ever since our 1 year of dating anniversary. It is so sweet.

I think I might find our wedding video to watch tonight, I don't think we have even actually even watched it! I really didn't want a videographer at the wedding because it just bothers me aesthetically to have them in the way with the big camera and lights, tacky IMO. So instead we just left our Handycam out and different people filmed different parts, who knows what is even on there. After we got home, we were so sick of talking about the wedding we just never even ended up really watching it! I would actually love to hear the service again, it was so beautiful but I was so nervous I barely remember what was said.

I loved our wedding, and I must say that people definitely still talk about it as one of the best parties EVER. It got really wild. I will just sum it up with this photo of my Dad flying into the pool.. :) And yes, I am in the pool in my designer gown.

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