Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am officially full term today! That is pretty exciting. :)

What a freak out last night, sorry about that! DH got home a little while later (much sooner than I expected actually) and was really sorry. I was so happy to see him and he was so tired, we just decided to have a nice dinner together at our favorite sushi place in the neighborhood and watch a movie. So I still got to go out and wear my new dress. I think I was having a little bit of cabin fever!

I was also having some pretty painful contractions last night. They were actually time-able for the first time, but I didn't time them because I just didn't feel like this was "it". They woke me up on and off throughout the night as well, but I just drank tons of water and stayed in bed. Seeing that this is my only experience with this, I am honestly not 100% percent sure they aren't just stomach cramps! But, I haven't been constipated, everything is good down there so I think they MUST have been contractions especially since they also ached in my lower back.

So now I feel that I must get everything together. The new housekeeper is coming today, so I think DH and I will take the dogs with us and go get some things done. We were hoping for a nice long time at the dog park, but it is raining. :( Drug store, antique store, hardware store, and baby store are all on the list as well. Actually, last night I was checking my email on my phone, and I saw an email from Buy Buy Baby with an online link to my registry completion coupon- great! Then this morning, it was gone. My phone SUCKS. Do not get a Blackberry Pearl, emails and texts disappear ALL the time. I checked my laptop, my junk, my trash, it is gone. Ugh. I will have to call and get them to email it again I guess?

Maybe we can go there tomorrow after my OB appointment... and Ultrasound! More excitement! I was supposed to have my u/s last week and I even brought my mom and sister since they were in town, but they had messed up somehow and the u/s tech wasn't there. That was super disappointing and I got very upset, but now we get to have it tomorrow and "see" Mason for the first time since 20 weeks!

Another new development.. No one was going to be here for the birth which we are TOTALLY fine with. Our parents all live 6 hour flights away and we don't want them hanging around NYC waiting for me to go into labor, or hanging around our tiny apartment. Well, now MIL conveniently has been asked to speak at a conference in NY the weekend of my due date.... AND now my Dad suddenly has a lifeguard reunion he needs to go to out on Long Island that same weekend, so he might as well just get a hotel in Brooklyn for a few days after! So funny. I knew they wouldn't be able to stay away. :)

Here are a few more pics from the shower...

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