Friday, August 28, 2009

A few more things...

I may have gone on a little bit of an internet shopping spree last week, but I kept finding these great deals!

First, nursing pajamas from Japanese Weekend on sale at Nordstrom's. I didn't have any yet, so not really a splurge. They are soft and cute and will be nice for lounging around the first week (and beyond).

We know how I feel about the DWELL Charlotte collection, so when I saw the diaper tote on sale I couldn't resist! I know I said I was going to share the boring grey Skip Hop Diaper Bag with DH, but I changed my mind! I am probably going to be on my own with the baby more than I would like to believe, and I want a cute bag.

OK, this is a diaper caddie full of BabyLegs. I have heard great things about them and looked into getting some, then I saw this package on sale on the BabyLegs website, 10 pairs of Baby Legs for $80! They are usually $12 each so that's a great deal. Plus the basket diaper thingie is a bonus. I am sure I can use that somewhere.

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