Monday, August 24, 2009

So fresh and so clean, bling

These are my new OBSESSION. I was working on a photo shoot the other day and someone offered me a vanilla wafer, and said her sister had cravings for vanilla wafers when she was pregnant. Well, I certainly hadn't thought about them until she said that but then I was suddenly overcome with thoughts of vanilla wafers. When I stopped at the deli on my way home, I saw these. Um, AMAZING!! These are the most wonderful things I have ever tasted! And voila, vanilla wafer pregnancy craving is born. I am so suggestible.

Yesterday was wonderful. It was a lovely morning, DH made french toast for breakfast and our new housekeeper came over. We took the dogs and got out of her way and brought the car in to get cleaned. We ended up getting the super duper interior detail where they shampoo the all the upholstery and everything- it really looks and smells brand new again! While the car was being washed, we walked over to the park and hung out in the dog run all day, ran into some friends, had a yummy wheat germ banana smoothie.... Came home to a sparkling clean home. I HEART our new housekeeper so much, she is so sweet. Now we will have to work out how often the budget will allow her to come. How I would love every week, but it will probably have to be every other week, or once a month. We will see how much of a mess I manage to make and how little I manage to clean once the baby is here.

Today we have an OB appointment then hopefully to Buy Buy Baby to do the registry completion. I better check Baby Bargains and add a few things before we go, just in case.

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