Friday, August 21, 2009

Coming Home Outfits, etc.

I did my first batch of Baby laundry yesterday. It was difficult, I must admit, they were just so perfect already it was hard to throw them into the wash! I bought the Method baby wash which I like pretty well, although I may switch to something totally unscented instead.

I picked out the tiniest outfit from the shower to bring to the hospital. It is a little Ralph Lauren kimono top and pants with feet. The top also has little sleeves that can cover the little hands! The legs look awfully short though, so I think I will bring a back up outfit in case he is too long!

This is another precious newborn outfit, but it is a bit bigger. The little crocheted cars are appropriate for his first little car ride, right? :)

I am almost finished with my Thank You cards. I bought a PDF design for them off of Etsy and printed them out on craft paper (left over from my wedding Save the Date and Thank You notes I made). There are NO cute stamps out right now, by the way!

I can't believe I am full term this weekend. Well, I sort of can. I am HUGE and I feel like I haven't had a cocktail in 100 years.. DH is on his way to DC for the hotly debated out of town show with his band. At my appointment Monday I had an internal and nothing was going on, so I am not worried at all. I am, however, on strict orders to lounge on the sofa and drink water constantly until he gets back tomorrow. NOT a problem.

I have a ton to do still to get ready, but no energy or motivation to do it. So far, my only nesting this week was finally calling a housekeeper to come on Sunday.

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