Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shower today!!

I am so excited! I am running out to the farmers market with my sister to pick up a few last minute things. She is making the coolest menu of organic and local produce stuff, it sounds amazing. :)

I am really really exhausted though. My back and crotch area (?) are KILLING me. I guess I have been standing/walking too much? Yesterday in the car in the way home from a day of Ikea, grocery shopping, and Union Square Farmers Market I started having really really painful contractions. I think I must have been dehydrated and overdone it a little. Ugh, so boring! I want to run around and do things. Anyway, I got really scared and had horrible nightmares last night about going into labor.

I dreamed my heartbeat got too fast and I was told I had to have the baby right away. I had no idea where I was and wanted to go to my hospital with my doctor so I ran out on to the street trying to make it to my hospital, but I ended up at another hospital instead where they put me in a room with all these cots with scary women with painted faces, all in various stages of labor. I called DH and I was crying so hard, the cell phone service was so bad he couldn't hear me.. I think I woke myself up crying.

I am 36 weeks tomorrow, and I really can't imagine this pregnancy going on for another 4 weeks. I am huge and so uncomfortable and it is so difficult to move. I want to go float in a pool for the next few weeks.

OK, now I am off to enjoy my family and friends. :)

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