Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pregnancy Hormone Induced Vent

I am so disappointed. Tonight is the engagement party of a friend of mine. He was my closest male friend for a few years, but DH ended up really not liking him. Anyway, I pretty much cut him off and haven't even seen him since my wedding which I have felt really bad about. This year his mom passed away and he met a new girl he is really in love with and we got back in touch and he invited us to his engagement party. DH agreed to give him a second chance (he felt the friend was weird/jealous before) and agreed to go.
However, he had his show in DC last night, so before I RSVPd I made sure to let him know that he would have to come back from DC in enough time to get to the party. This morning when he called, he was on his way to brunch with his friends and band, and I reminded him that the party was at 6. I didn't make a big deal about it because I didn't want to pressure him, knowing he is not crazy about this friend anyway, or harass him when he is with his band.
A couple of hours later, he called and they were touring the White House. Um, OK. Just hanging out, being tourists? I didn't say anything and just asked him to call when they are close to the city. At six I hadn't heard from him so I called to see where they were, and they were at least an hour away still. He could tell by my voice that I was upset and got totally defensive.
He said he didn't know we had to be there right at 6 and I should have let him know that I wanted him back by a certain time, but I was just trying not to make a big deal out of it.
Now I am just so disappointed. I did my hair and I was really excited to wear my new dress and actually get to go somewhere, to a fun early dinner party. I am just so bored here at home. I can't go out and get drinks, I just feel so lonely and was really looking forward to this party. I also feel like a horrible person for RSVP ing and not showing up to the party, I know how that feels and it feels terrible.
I know he isn't going to back for hours with this traffic, so we are going to totally miss the party. I am dreading even talking to him about this because whenever this friend is mentioned it ends up turning into a fight. I just wish I hadn't said we could go, I knew something like this would happen. Now I think I am having contractions, ouch!
Writing it out does make me feel better, I am such a hormonal mess. :(

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