Friday, August 7, 2009

Registry Stalking... and a rant about "the man"

I really wasn't expecting much of anything to be bought off our registry, honestly. We are only having about 20 people and, I don't know... I think I am just nervous about it because my close friends can't come (live too far away) and I don't like being the center of attention at ALL. The shower is next weekend, and I just looked online and a few great things have been bought! I am so surprised! Besides what my mom bought, the Bebecook, the diaper bag, and the Svan bouncer have been purchased in the last few days! I really wanted that bouncer but I honestly don't know if we would have coughed up the $120 for it if no one had gotten it! Now I am really looking forward to the shower. :)

We had an amazing anniversary dinner on Wednesday night, the tasting menu at the Dressler was AMAZING. 5 courses, and DH and I each got something different for each course, so we both got to taste all 10 things! It was really really nice.

Last night we went to a show at the Beacon Theater, which was really fun but also a bit of a disaster. DH being a musician, he is extra sensitive and we weren't thrilled with all of the performances. I would have liked to see more of my favorite, Gillian Welch. :) But these are the kinds of things we need to do now, while we can! THEN (here comes the disaster part) on the way home, we got pulled over (in Manhattan?!) for a missing brake light! The one on the left is apparently out, leaving only the right side AND the huge brake light bar across the top of the back window. The problem is that DHs license is expired, we are working on it but the paperwork and amount of time it is going to take is CRAZY since he has to switch from an expired Texas to a NY. Anyway, we passed the officer all the paperwork, got flashlights shone in our eyes, told to stay in the car, and he went back to his car and left us sitting there for 25 minutes!! I had to pee SO badly! He finally came back and gave us FOUR SUMMONS! One for the light, one for the license, and one for an expired insurance card! I had handed him the old one by mistake, and had the new one sitting there, but he had already written it up but he wouldn't change it. He said to send it in with the summons and I can get it reversed. Can you believe it?! So I had to haul my 8 month pregnant self around and drive us home. So unbelievable. Such a messed up system. Meanwhile, how many awful dangerous drivers do I see every day on the road, out there endangering lives, and they are picking on us. The most law abiding, safe driving, tax paying, volunteer working, baby having people. It really put a damper on the night to say the least. Now we have to spend the day trying to get this light fixed, and DH can't drive until we work this out.

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