Monday, August 3, 2009

Headache and Exhaustion...

Oh no... I am feeling like 1st tri all over again (minus the throwing up every 10 minutes, so I I guess I shouldn't complain). I am SO. TIRED.

Yesterday I could barely get off the sofa, then it started pouring and storming so we postponed the photo session to this morning. However, the only time that would work was 9:30 AM so DH was miserable for a little while, he is NOT a morning person. When I first woke him up he said he wouldn't do it, it was stupid, he didn't know what the point was or why it was important to me (He has been coming off like a big jerk lately, right? He really isn't). My hormones and I did everything we could not to cry or get our feelings hurt, and after some diet coke he was back to his normal, wonderful self. The photos were fun and hopefully we will get something cute. I took some alone, on the bed, with DH and his guitar, with the dogs. :)

Speaking of hormones, I have been a mess lately! I am so accident prone now, and every time I hurt myself I burst into uncontrollable tears. The worst is when I burn myself, which I manage to do every time I cook. Last night I spilled my bowl of soup on my hand and onto our handmade tapestry we got in Guatemala and I totally lost it. Really crazy. DH has banned me from doing anything remotely dangerous in the kitchen, but who knew carrying soup was dangerous? Ugh.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and this week is SO busy. Now the migraine from hell has returned on top of the extreme exhaustion!

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